Lauren’s Birthday Apron

I heart aprons.
I may give aprons to every girl on my christmas list this year (providing I start early enough!)

So this was Lauren’s birthday present and she loves it 🙂
She is getting married in September & she has the most adorable baby boy, plus they just bought a house so an apron is a must!!

Cutest baby boy ever:

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XBOX 360 Controller Pillow

or, Joe’s Birthday Present!!!
Tanadella 076

... 040
He loves it 🙂

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Some people moved out of my building yesterday & left a whole bunch of junk that they didn’t want. There wasn’t much good stuff, but there was a messenger style bag that was bleach stained on the front, but otherwise good. It had a ton of zips & I grabbed it.
Reclaimed zippers/hardware/etc. is right up my alley, so I brought it inside & started deconstructing it.
I got a 9in zipper, two 14in zippers, an 18in double zipper, a 35in zipper, a d-ring, two plastic buckles, a little clippy thing, the strap & two pieces of nice, durable black canvas.
Woo hoo!!!

Who knew trash could excite me so much?

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Spring Cleaning

The urge to clean everything has swept over me today. I woke up this morning by nagging thoughts of cleaning my closets. Which then made me want to wash walls & whatnot. So even though it isn’t very sunny out (thankfully I’m not missing a gorgeous day for this!), I am in a spring cleaning mood.

I have to figure out some pleasing wall decoration for our bedroom. We have 2 huge blank walls & I’d love to do something fancy. Maybe fabric wall decals again, but I’d like something big.

Off to google search wall ideas & then I need to tackle the closet!

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BurdaStyle Sewing Club

Click the picture above to view the 136 Sewing Clubs in the US.
I decided to be the leader of the Providence club, although it doesn’t seem like there are any interested parties, yet.

Would you like to join?

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Here is the princess Jasmine dress on my daughter

And, this is the baby doll dress I made

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Go Go Power Ranger!

I picked up this Power Rangers sheet at Savers for 2 bucks. I wanted to make something wearable with it, but me & making clothes (for me) are having some issues.

My previous makeup bag was on it’s last leg anyway(and kind of small), so I made this awesome makeup bag. I am super happy with how it came out!
The lining is my Spoonflower fat quarter. I call it ‘Heidi Hearts’ because my best friend calls squiggily hearts ‘Heidi Hearts’.

Joe says he was “too old” for Power Rangers, even though I am one year older than him and I loved them!

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