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Beer bottle caps

I’m without a sewing machine for a week or so. *sobs*

So, I went to the library and got this book called Alternacrafts. Great little book. I also got some Chuck Palahniuk to keep myself entertained.

Anyway, in this book they have beer bottle cap necklaces and magnets. I got a handful of them from a friend, and this is what I made:

With the necklace, I hammered out all the sides with Joe’s gigantic framing hammer. You have to be careful though, bottlecaps like to bend. I also used pictures of stars from an old calendar, and coated them with clear nail polish to make them shine. To make the holes that hold it all together I used a large nail and hammer.

The magnets I just used felt circles and stuff I had lying around. The top left is from a broken necklace, the top right is from a budweiser label, the bottom left is beads, and the bottom right is a can top that someone gave to me and I said I would keep forever (ha).


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My little helper

I haven’t been doing too much in this heat.

I made Church this quick bed because she’s always laying in my fabric & batting.

This is her “helping”:

I’m making some fabric giftwrap with an embroidered cupcake, I’ll post it when I’m done.

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Plaid & Polka Dot Pocketbook

Okay, so I like pocketbooks.

This pocketbook was made especially for Brandie. She picked the fabric.

I got this design from this website, but I changed the dimensions a little. I also added poly batting, because I like stiff pocketbooks, and I sew the lining to the front before I attach the pieces.

Note: Always use an iron on everything you sew! Especially seams.

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Vintage Pocketbook

This was by far the hardest thing I’ve made. I took the same concept as the child’s pocketbook, but larger, with a zipper & square rings attaching the strap.

Also, the fabric used is a 1950’s vintage tapestry, fully lined with off white satin. This thing is a beauty.

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T-shirt Recon

I have become facinated by tshirt reconstructions.

I took this babydoll hot topic shirt:
And a black boatneck long sleeve shirt that had seen much better days.

I carefully cut off the neck & sleeves (in 1 piece) of the boatneck. I layed it down onto the babydoll & cut where the new sleeves & neckline would be. Then I pinned it all together, sewed it up. Made 3/4 sleeves instead of long & I am a much happier muffin shirt wearer 😉

Note: When sewing tshirt fabric without a serger, use a zigzag or stretch stitch to avoid broken stitches while wearing.

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Camera bag

This isn’t the best job ever, I completely freehanded everything, & I’m not super impressed with the outcome.

To make the right fit (it took me two tries), I put my camera on the felt, and measured with some extra.

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Cat Toy

This is another felt project. I love felt because it’s easy to work with, and your stitches don’t have to be perfect.

I put a rattler from an old-beatup-store-bought cat toy in it.
The website I got this idea from also offers a fish & mouse version.
Cat Toy Plushies

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