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Fabric wall decals


Is now this:

This is the best for apartments!
Check out How About Orange for a detailed how-to.


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Bottle Shaped Candle

Good idea in theory, bad idea for moi.
I saw this tutorial over on Threadbanger & I thought I’d give it a go.

So here is my not-so-lovely creation that I am not so proud of. Melting the wax was terribly messy, since I didn’t just “straight up melt it in a pan”, I had an old jesus candle that you buy for a dollar at Stop & Shop, burn it once, and it never lights again. Because it was glass, I used the double boiler method. Bad idea. The pretty red glass is just cheapo red paint that flakes off and sticks to everything when exposed to hot water. I should’ve guessed, it was a buck.

After I poured the wax, inserted the wick, & put it carefully in the fridge, it cooled. And settled. Which meant I had to melt MORE wax. Oh happy days. So a few hours later this bad boy is ready to be broken open. I thought beer bottles were a lot easier to break. Also, the bottom is uneven because…I used a beer bottle? I don’t know, but I thought the whole process sucked.

So here’s my advice to anyone who wants to try this:
1. You need more wax than you think.
2. You probably shouldn’t use a beer bottle.
3. Don’t waste your time.

I think I’ll stick to sewing.

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Mesh Soap Bag

What to do with the soap when it gets small, breaks in half, winds up on the tub floor?
I made this in like 2 minutes, so it’s not beautiful, but it serves it’s purpose. Mesh fabric & bias tape.

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Cubicle Organizer

The colors are a little off in this picture, but this was not too hard to make, & keeps everything in place. The top pockets are pleated pockets (box pleats).

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The mother of all pincushions

And my absolute favorite. Check out the tutorial here.

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You should definately check out this fabulous website, Grosgrain, especially if you have a little girl. Kathleen is an amazing self-taught seamstress, who makes the most adorable kids clothes. FROM NO PATTERNS! Whoa, I am impressed. And best of all, she gives them away!! I am astonished.
Even if you don’t have a little girl, become insprired by her truly wonderful work.

Check out this week’s giveaway:
Make Believe Frock

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Recycled Pincushion & a Tutorial

I made this pincushion from a very clean cat food can. I was sick of sticking myself with pins while using my cute little pincushions.

The sturdy base does not allow pins to poke my poor fingers.

Here’s a tutorial (by moi) on how to make your own recycled pincushions. Please don’t mind that I sound 10. (Also, it says “By Awayfromthelight” because that is my username on Threadbanger, where I originally posted this tutorial. Look in my sidebar for a link to threadbanger!)
Pin Cushion Tutorial

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