Gibbous Inspiration

January 20, 2009 at 7:33 pm Leave a comment

If you’ve yet to hear about Gibbous Fashions, immediately head over to their shop and check out their wonderous inventory.

I recently made a weaving loom out of a 5’8″ long poplar board. I intended on making a scarf, but things just weren’t going according to plan. I had a whole mess of complaints, especially the too tight, too loose, too tight, too loose pattern. After weaving for 40 minutes, I decided to not fuss with the strips of fabric and let them be how they ended up. That instantly got rid of the too tight, too loose syndrome. It was starting to remind me of a beautiful mess, which reminded me of Gibbous. I then decided on a belt. I now have a 39 inch woven off-white beauty, just screaming to be used as a canvas for scraps and treasures.

This is still on the loom. It’s of-white lace & organza.


These next pictures are a piece of the too tight, too loose section (which is not part of the belt) that I practiced scrapping onto, to make sure my idea worked before working on the actual piece. The belt’s not wonky like the piece in these pictures. I am pleased with the results:
I definately want to incorporate the brass ends of shotgun shells into this, but I’m not sure how, yet. I was thinking of adding a loop to one end of the belt, and using them as buttons on the other end to close the belt, but that makes it a lot less functional, and I have 2 other belt closures I’m toying with.


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