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Sharing is Caring

Well, it’s tuesday again.
Here’s 5 more superly awesome links:

Jewel Case Pen Holder
I made one of these already:
I plan to make 1 more, since I finally have a pink jewel case!

Pin Cushion Sewing Kit
I’ve also made one of these:

Pointy Kitty PDF
I’ve made one of these, too 🙂

Owl Tutorial

And for one I haven’t made, but must make soon. I was baking cookies the other night & realized how essential an apron is (especially when you have the bad habit of wiping your hands on your pants!)
The best apron ever, PDF


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Paper-Pieced Doll Quilt

I’ve been in love with paper-pieced hexagon quilts for some time now. I started some small hexagons when my sewing machine was in the shop last time, but it went nowhere since they were small, I have a short attention span, and a large quilt seems like quite the task.

My sewing machine is yet again in the shop & I once again thought about hexagon quilts. Tatyana got a new baby for her birthday & asked for new clothes & a quilt for her. So I am going to try it & stick to it! All my paper pieces are cut out & ready to go!

I’m actually suped, going to start right now!!

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Sharing is caring

I have a whole folder in my favorites for craft related things, most of them being tutorials. This is my “I will make this someday” folder. I am going to share a few of these with you periodically, in hopes that you will also make them someday. 🙂

These are by far 5 of my absolute must make favorites:
Soft Doll
Buttercup Bag
Wild Flower Pin Cushion
Boxy Cosmetic Bag
Robot Tooth Fairy Pillow

I hope you all enjoy these & I will post more next week!

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A Day (and a half) in my life

I decided to document a day in my life through pictures. I chose a particularly busy day to do this, so there are a ton of pictures. I started taking them on Wednesday, March 11th. I am also including all the pictures I took on Thursday, March 12th because it was Tatyana’s 8th birthday!


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Pretty Pleated Clutch

I’m not a big fan of clutches, but I am a huge fan of pretty little things like puffy pleats, flowers, and satin.
That’s how this pretty little thing came about:
Next time, I will interface both fabrics, not just the lining (or use stiffer interfacing). I don’t like the way the middle droops when closed.
I will probably never use this, but it sure is pretty!

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And the winner is

Carol! I only had five people sign up, but that’s ok! I went old school & put all the names in a hat. Carol, I sent you an email this morning.

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Project Threadbanger

Over on the Threadbanger Forum there’s this super fun activity called Project Threadbanger!!
Click that link to see this month’s challenge! You can join, too!
I am currently working on this month’s short challenge, and it’s going to be awesome! I’m a little intimidated because I know there are some amazing jewelry makers on Threadbanger, but I’m happy with the way my submission is turning out. Estatic.

Too bad I can’t share it with you until the end of the month :/

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